Rickeee & The Iolanthe Musical Symphony Romantic Orchestra
Plays The Beatles



A Taste Of Honey

Across The Universe

All You Need Is Love

Anna (Go To Him)

Ask Me Why

Can't Buy Me Love

Do You Want To Know A Secret

Eleanor Rigby

Hello Goodbye

Here Comes The Sun

Here There And Everywhere

If I Fell

I'll Follow The Sun

In My Life

Let It Be

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Magical Mystery Tour


Norwegian Wood


The Long And Winding Road

This Boy

Till There Was You

When I'm 64


Your Mother Should Know

All arrangements done with;
BandTrax MIDIfiles - FL Studio 12 - LMMS - SoundFonts - VST's - Audacity

The Romantic Orchestra


1st Violin

2nd Violin


Dixie Normous

Dixon B. Tweenerlegs

Willie Eetmiout

Mike Oxbig Moe Lester Wilma Fingadoo
Donn Alduk Ophelia Cox Harry Balzac
Anita Dick Pat McGroin Eileen Ulick
Mike Hunt Phil McCrackin Dixon Kuntz
Dixon Balls Shae Verpussi  
Kim Yu Suk Wayne Kerr  
Amanda Hump    
Clee Torres    
Connie Lingus    
Cello Double Bass Tympani

Fawn Dillmiballs

Herbie Hind

Holden McGroin
Berry McCaulkiner Oliver Clothesoff  
Ben Derhover    
Anita Hoare    
Drums Percussion Tuned Percussion
Haywood Jablomi Howie Feltersnatch Betty Phuchzer
Piano Harpsichord Hammond Organ
Mike Hockhurtz Helda Coccen-Mihans Amanda Poker
Synthesizer Classical Guitar Electric Guitar
Dang Lin-Wang Neil Anblomi Mike Rack
Electric Bass    
Craven Moorehead    
Orchestra Leader    

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